8 Week Immune Boosting Programme

Healthy kids?  We can coach you through getting there

This Programme can help you improve your kiddie’s health by sorting out infections, allergies, asthma, eczema, tiredness, lack of concentration and even small appetite.  We guide you through boosting their immune system over 8 weeks using supplements and diet changes.

Your kiddie’s diet can make the world of difference to their health

The food our kiddies eat is not normally immune-boosting.  Processed food, picky eaters, busy parents and peer pressure are all factors that leave their immune systems under-nourished, and weak.

Weak immune systems can present in many forms that could seem unrelated. Every child is different, and their symptoms may show up differently. Some typically symptoms of a weak immune system include:

  • Recurring infections,
  • Respiratory allergies,
  • Asthma (particularly allergic asthma),
  • Eczema / allergic dermatitis,
  • Tiredness,
  • Lack of concentration and
  • Small appetite.


The Healthy-kids 8 Week Immune Booster Programme was developed specifically to provide an immune-boosting solution for parents with a busy schedule.  Every change you make is simple, but so powerful that if you keep them up, they can completely change your family’s future health.


What does the Healthy-kids 8 Week Immune Booster Programme require from you?

You change the food you offer your child at your own pace, while giving your child 3 high-quality supplements to cover nutrient gaps and ensure quick results.

  1. Make simple changes to their food at a pace you can handle
    To support lifelong, sustainable change to your child’s diet, we’ll guide you through making gradual changes to your kiddie’s diet so their food boosts their immune system every time they eat a meal.
  2. Give your child 3 high-quality supplements
    The three supplements are easy-to-give, and make the quick difference your kiddie’s immune system needs.
    - The probiotic (GNLD Acidophilus Plus) optimizes digestion,
    - the children’s Multivitamin and Mineral with extra Omegas (GNLD Vita Squares) creates a nutrient foundation, and
    - the children’s Antioxidant (GNLD Vita Guard) supplies additional protective nutrients.
  3. Use the supporting booklets to help you succeed
    Our recipe booklet contains fun recipes that you and your kiddie will love (we make it fun to get them healthy!) and our Healthy-kids food list gives you a list of better food choices for easier shopping.
  4. After 8 weeks YOU decide if it worked for you 
    Watch for a significant improvement to their health within the 8 weeks.  If you are not happy that we met your expectations then we refund the money you paid us for this program.  Like many other parents you may even see noticeable results long before then…


With the Healthy-kids 8 Week Immune Booster Programme you will receive:

Everything you need for the full 8 weeks:

  1. A sign-up form to activate your money-back guarantee and register you for our telephone / email support.
  2. 1 bottle each of GNLD Acidophilus Plus, GNLD Vita Squares and GNLD Vita Guard with detailed instructions for use
  3. The 8-week Diet change Program
  4. Healthy-kids recipe book
  5. Healthy-kids immune boosting food list


Contact Tanya Furniss now to order your assessment (cost R300) to see if this programme could work for you

tanya@healthy-kids.co.za or 071 688 7326

What do other parents say?

These people fixed problems that may be just like yours.  Some children showed dramatic improvement in just weeks

  • Zita Bester’s boys (see more) went from constantly ill to healthy and happy.
  • Tanya Furniss had a total turnaround in her kiddies’ health with this program
  • Taryn Boyd’s daughter Amelia (then age 2) stopped her middle ear infections soon after beginning the program.
  • Annette Joubert’s son Jonathan (age 2 at the time) had constant infections, then nearly no illness in just a matter of weeks
  • Colleen Chapman’s daughter lost her nagging cough and stopped getting ill even before the 8 weeks were up.