Nutrition – your allergy wild card

Even if allergies run in your family, they will only rear their heads when your child’s immune system reaches the point where it can’t work properly any more. This typically happens when an immune system reaches exhaustion point – the point when an allergy will show up. And after winter the majority of kids have been attacked by respiratory infections, ear infections, and so on. These have been treated with the necessary (mostly???) antibiotics, which have killed the bad bacteria and the good bacteria. Then ultimately, most kids’ immune systems haven’t been built up again sufficiently. This is when most springtime allergies appear to surface.

Allergies mean a panicky immune system

Your immune system routinely conquers threats to your health by correctly recognising harmful invaders. Then it sends the applicable soldier cells to remove the threat with just enough force to be effective.

 When it works properly, your immune system operates like well-oiled machinery.

 However, during an allergic reaction your immune system doesn’t work properly. It mistakenly labels a harmless substance as an invader.  Then it panics, reacting with excessive force that leaves you with your allergy symptoms.

 An allergic reaction is definitely not a normal, healthy immune response. Rather it points to an immune system that’s become defective in some way.



An exhausted immune system can become confused

 When you are tired or hungry, you can’t think clearly.  In the same way a tired immune system can become confused if you are genetically inclined towards allergies. In its confusion, it mistakes harmless substances for threats, lashing out with extreme force.



Children today are prone to malnourishment

Your child’s body, like any other person, continuously needs hundreds of different nutrients. All these nutrients work together to ensure a healthy body that functions well and grows properly. Each nutrient must initially come from your diet in some form.


When your child gets enough nutrients then they grow and develop properly inside and outside. How smart, strong and calm your child is, as well as how well they avoid getting sick (even when exposed to sick people) relies heavily on whether those nutrients are available at sufficient levels.


Many situations can drain your child of the nutrients their body craves. The human body is such a clever adaptor, coping even when things are way less than ideal. So your precious child could seem in perfect health on the outside while inside, their little body must prioritise its limited nutrient supply and skimp on less vital functions. Soon enough, something must give. This deficit could be the trigger for your child’s allergies.


Allergies often get worse

Allergies deplete your immune system of nutrients each time you have an allergic reaction. Allergies also often get worse over time, where you become more and more sensitive, often to extra substances in addition to your original allergy trigger. You can see this worsening cycle as a chain reaction, made worse by your allergic reactions and the further depletion of your immune system.


Break the allergy chain

The secret to breaking the allergy chain lies in reversing that exhaustion, so your immune system can think clearly again. It may be just one small action that you need, or it could take a little longer than that. Either way, the path to breaking the chain begins the same way.


When you succeed in reversing that exhaustion, you break the allergy chain. You’ll know how to keep those allergies under control from then on.


Friends will marvel at the change in your child – and so will you!



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