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Internal Sunscreen is better for your child

While your child’s best source of Vitamin D comes from being exposed (without sunscreen) to the hot summer sun, they need strong protection from skin cancer.  You can balance both with just a little natural intervention, and a slight change in focus….

Immune Boosting Products (Kids 2-12)

Children in this age group grow at an alarming rate, physically, mentally and emotionally.  This growth demands high nutritional support, and yet this is the time when they are likely to eat the worst of all.

Nutrient deficiencies often show up in something related to the immune system: recurring infections, allergies, asthma and eczema Even tiredness, lack of concentration and small appetite play a role here…

Targeted immune-boosting is a must, and if you have a plan you are much more likely to get it right over the long term. 

Immune-related problems

Many common complaints that affect our children can be much better, if not completely fixed, when you eat a diet that focuses on immune-boosting.  Our diet and lifestyle affects more of your child’s health than you might think!

Healthy Diet Profile

Our Healthy-Kids principles provide simple visual guidelines you can use at a glance to help you keep a consistent check on your family’s diet. It’s a practical way to keep their diets healthier at home, at school, and even while you are out and about.