When your child’s getting sick, try this emergency immune boost!

Emergency Immune Boost - now!

When you notice your child’s runny nose or they complain of a sore throat, these are usually the first signs that they are getting sick. These signs are also your trigger for an emergency immune boost – and fast!


Our immune system works like an army that needs constant supplies (i.e. constant immune boosting) 

Because of the amazing way our bodies work,  we only know there’s a germ battle going on when our immune system can’t keep the upper hand and begins signaling that it needs a little help…

We don’t get sick every time we encounter a virus or bacteria (even the more virulent ones) because our immune system takes care of these intruders.  Sometimes though, our immune system weakens. Perhaps we have had a bad allergic reaction, or too little sleep. Too much stress and overdoing it, or maybe eating badly for a while. That’s when those germs may take hold.

Our trusty immune system defends us against many intruders, including sickness-carrying germs. It uses a set of ‘soldier’ immune cells that each depend on a unique combination of micro-nutrients to do their specific job.  When these ‘soldiers’ defend you, they behave like kamikazis, sacrificing themselves in the process. So, the more intruders, the more micro-nutrients you need to keep those ‘soldier’ cells coming.


Food provides those supplies (micro-nutrients)

Your immune system needs many different micro-nutrients, not only Vitamin C, Zinc or Beta Carotene.  While these are the usual suspects in supplements that are marketed as immune boosters, they aren’t enough.  Scientific studies typically show that the use of a single micro nutrient to treat illness is just not that effective. For example, supplementing significant doses of Vitamin C only really seems to shorten the length of a cold by 1 day, which hardly sounds worth the effort.

On the converse, food never provides a single micro-nutrient.  Instead, it provides families of nutrients that work in synergy with each other.  A clinical trial using a supplement that contained a whole family of Carotenoids (15 different types) increased the overall immune system strength of the trial subjects by 37% in just 20 days.  That’s nearly 40% in less than three weeks… The supplement in question provided a much greater variety of nutrients in a formulation directly from food. 

We base our approach on nature’s intelligence, and back it with plenty of scientific evidence like this.  Actually, not only does the science make sense, in practice, we have found it to work even better than expected…


Treating their sickness shouldn’t deplete their immune system

When your child is getting sick, it’s just as important that you don’t deplete their immune system of nutrients, as it is to get them healthy quickly.  Unfortunately, while pharmaceutical medicine will deal with their symptoms, it won’t supply the micro-nutrients new ‘soldiers’ need. And should you need to resort to an antibiotic, their immune system will be left in a significantly depleted, weaker state due to the sterilizing effect it has on their body.


This simple emergency kit provides an immune boost to get them healthy

We have a better strategy, one that not only short-circuits the illness now, but also prepares them for their next “germ encounter”. They recover faster, and they stay healthy for longer.

The combination of supplements and medications below will usually be all you need to head the illness off before it ever has time to take hold, and at the same time, boost your child for their next germ encounter!


Here’s your 4 part toolkit:

Vita Guard Zinkies kiddies resize
Vita Guard chewable Antioxidant for Kids Zinkies kiddies Zinc lollies
Recommended Vitamin C for Immune boosting  Corenza CLotem resize
Chewable All C Vitamin C for kids (provides 200mg of everything from the Orange except the water) Pain meds – Corenza C, or Lotem for younger kids.
**We like Corenza C because it works. It also contains extra Vitamin C.
However, kids under 6 can’t use it. Lotem is effective – but asthma sufferers should avoid the Ibuprofen, so then use a paracetamol painkiller like Calpol)

 How to use your toolkit:

One As soon as possible, give your child a dose of each item in your toolkit:

  • One dosage of Vita Guard. For sicker kids, you can even double that. (This is in addition to their normal daily dose)
  • An extra dose of Chewable All C
  • 1 Zinkies kiddies lolly to suck
  • 1 dose of pain medication if necessary
 Two Follow this up with a bedtime (or first rising) dose of the same
 Three You may need once or twice more of this dosage, but by the evening of the following day, most children will be bouncing fit again

The most effective immune boost must be consistent

Even a child who has a strong immune system will pick up the germs in the air / from toys / the jungle gym. The difference here usually lies in how sick they get and how much stronger they are at fighting off the next boat of germs.

A reliable immune boost actually needs to happen consistently.  It needs a regular focus on diet, supplements and habits, all working together to make sure that your child’s immune system is strong and well nourished.  If your child needs a stronger immune system overall, this emergency top-up will help, but will be far more effective if you make some wide-ranging changes.

Need some help doing this?

Healthy-kids has developed our 8 Week Immune Boosting Programme to get you started. We introduce effective supplements and walk you through changing your child’s diet to provide a constant immune boost, keeping them naturally stronger, so they get sick far less overall.

If you simply want a supplement to help you keep them healthy without the focus on diet, we also supply Vita Squares and Vita Guard (and we suggest you use them as a team).