Free Radicals deplete immunity

Protect your child against free radical damage

Whenever your child breathes, their bodies make Free Radicals. Free Radicals are molecules with a “chip on their shoulder” and they are spoiling for a fight.  Their target?  Your child’s cells.  You need to protect your child with a few simple strategies


What causes free radicals?

Free radicals are a by-product of the process when your cells convert oxygen into energy.  Your immune system also makes them to go to battle with viruses, bacteria and foreign chemicals.  They are a normal part of life, and your body is well able to deal with them.


Why then, if they are normal, are free radicals so dangerous?

When it comes down to it, how you feel and how healthy you are depends largely on how healthy your cells are.  Free radicals inflict serious damage on the cells and tissues around them, and scientists have actually seen flashes of light under the microscope as the free radicals contact body tissue!


In medical circles, free radical damage is termed ‘Oxidative Stress’, and you can spend some time looking this term up on the internet. You will notice many articles linking Oxidative Stress to various diseases and conditions that are usually seen as inherited, leaving us with little control over whether they manifest or not.


For simplicity’s sake, we will call it Free Radical Damage.  This damage can literally be seen as the x-factor, the thing that decides whether your inherited diseases must become your problem.


When Free Radicals are allowed to flourish, the damage they inflict builds up like compound interest and given enough time, this damage can develop into a serious disease.  Scientists have linked Free Radical Damage to many different diseases, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and asthma. ((Ref 1))


Our Free Radical load is at an all-time high…

The load of chemicals in our air, water and food today are causing us to generate many more Free Radicals than a relatively pure environment would.  This, in turn, means significantly more Free Radical Damage to our cells. Some that deserve a special mention:

  • Cigarette smoke, even second-hand, (the single greatest trigger of free radicals).
  • Chronic, prolonged stress (which uses up antioxidants AND stimulates more free radicals).
  • Foreign chemicals and pollution around us, including exhaust fumes, cleaning products, pesticides, and even the medications we take.
  • UVA and UVB rays.
  • Doing a lot of exercise, while healthy on the one hand, also increases free radical production.

Our children are often heavily exposed to the culprits above, increasing their risk of Cellular Damage at such a crucial, formative stage of their lives.  It is wise to protect their bodies from these triggers as much as we can, but sometimes it’s just not humanly possible. What then?


Your body can cope with Free Radicals – if suitably equipped

As mentioned earlier, your body is built to deal with Free Radicals with a sophisticated immune system that is tailor-made to check Free Radicals. Your immune system uses a set of powerful protective nutrients known as ‘antioxidants’ to do this, nutrients like vitamins A, C and E, zinc, selenium, carotenoids and flavonoids.

It purpose-builds antioxidant enzymes that do battle with free radicals, and these enzymes are made directly using the antioxidants listed above.  To keep fighting, these enzymes need a constant stream of antioxidant nutrients – just like supplies and reinforcements for an army at war. 

So, when you support your immune system properly with enough Antioxidant nutrients, you will equip it to prevent, slow down, or even sometimes reverse Cellular Damage by Free Radicals.


Our antioxidant protection is at an all-time low!

Although you can and should limit your free radical production, much of our toxic environment is unavoidable, and your child’s body is going to generate many more Free Radicals than is safe for them to cope with.


Most concerning, is that food processing, picky eating and busy lifestyles have driven our once-healthy diets to a point where they don’t supply nearly enough immune system protection.  Countless studies prove that people eat far less nutritious food than they think.  Many of us lack even basic nutrients like Calcium and Vitamin C, and with the load of Antioxidants necessary to counter our Free Radical Load, we are in dire circumstances!


Children are at great risk of Free Radical Damage

Your child is certainly not immune to Free Radicals, in fact, they are often exposed to more of the abovementioned triggers and eat far less healthy food than an adult might.  The impact of these Free Radicals and their Cellular Damage is clearly illustrated when you consider the increased development of childhood allergies, and their direct link with an over-burdened, under-protected immune system.

This is just one example, with the increased onset of auto-immune disorders and asthma in children being other problems that emanate from a weakened immune system of the sort that unchecked, massive Free Radical Damage might cause.


Take Action - our Recommendations

This situation is far from hopeless.  In fact, our plan is a relatively simple one to implement, and science and experience show it as very effective.

Carrot-SmallBroad spectrum Whole Food Antioxidant Supplement

This is your first priority as a way to close the gap and give you immediate results.  The amount of pollution in our environment, combined with often-poor diets.  Experience shows that every child shows a noticeable difference in their health once they have been on a broad-spectrum, whole-food protective supplement for a few months, sometimes sooner.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Scientific opinion is strongly divided as to whether supplements can really make a difference in the fight against Free Radical Damage, which is a good reason to ensure that you pick your supplement carefully – like you should your food.

What do we recommend?

Looking for a supplement suggestion?

GNLD Vita Guard is a safe bet.  Stringent comparison with other children’s supplements in the market place puts GNLD (Golden Neo-life Diamite)’s children’s supplements head-and-shoulders above the rest. They are trustworthy, with strong scientific backing and high quality manufacturing.

This is a suitable supplement to close the antioxidant gap that your child’s environment and less-than-perfect diet creates, equipping them to fight Free Radical Damage.


Carrot-SmallGet them to eat a healthier diet

Compare your child’s diet with our Healthy Diet Profile to see how well their food supplies the protective Antioxidants they need.

Need to make that change?
Improve your family’s diet using the Healthy-kids 8 week Diet Change Program. We guide you through the changes at a pace you can handle, and teach you ways to make sure your changes stick for life, not just for the few months you place heavy focus on it.


Carrot-SmallReduce their toxic load

Where possible, limit your family’s exposure to foreign chemicals.  There are simple ways to do this, like using bio-degradable cleaning materials, avoiding processed foods, and minimizing your exposure to chemicals wherever possible, however there are some things like sunshine and exercise that have so many benefits, you don’t want to avoid them.  This is where your protection options above help you out.


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