GNLD Vita Guard

Chewable Antioxidant for Kids

GNLD Vita Guard is a broad spectrum antioxidant supplement in chewable form for children.  No artificial flavours and colourings and extracted from organically grown fruits and vegetables. We have found it very effective in providing children with the antioxidant nutrients they need to become and stay healthy.


Why do we recommend Vita Guard for your child?

Vita Guard works. It will balance and strengthen your child’s immune system.

Broadest variety of Antioxidants in one supplement

After stringent comparison and evaluation of children’s antioxidants, we can highly recommend Vita Guard as providing the broadest range of antioxidant nutrients

  • Carotenoid Complex
    15 different Carotenoids extracted from carrot, apricot, peach, strawberry and tomato – proven to raise the immune system in independent studies.
  • Flavonoid Complex
    6 different families of Flavonoid extracted from cranberries, green tea, mixed berries, lemon and orange
  • Vitamin C
    for synergy with Flavonoids in protecting watery areas of your child’s body
  • Vitamin E
    all 8 tocopherols and tocotrienols
    for synergy with Carotenoids in protecting fatty areas of your child’s body
    Also prevents oxidation of Omega-fatty acids
  • Selenium
    for synergy with Vitamin E
  • Zinc
    for your child’s wound healing, antioxidant defence system, appetite and growth.

The nutrients in Vita Guard are extracted from whole food. 

The ingredients list reads like a smoothie recipe: carrot, apricot, peach, strawberry, tomato, cranberries, green tea, mixed berries, lemons and oranges.

Kids like the taste and texture of Vita Guard. 

Vita Guard are chewable and sweetened with fruit concentrates (grape, orange and apple) and fructose. No need to compromise and allow harmful ingredients so your kids will like it – there are no artificial colours or flavours.

We trust the manufacturer. 
GNLD (Golden Neolife Diamite) has a reliable reputation for supplement manufacture and groundbreaking scientific research (see more about GNLD on their website (opens new window)).


Who needs Vita Guard?

Children 6 months – 12 years

Our children, with their intense growth, higher exposure to free radical triggers, and less healthy diets produce more harmful free radicals than their parents do. (See our article Protect your child from Free Radical Damage


Nature’s perfect antidote to Free Radicals are the potent, varied antioxidants that we find in our plant-based foods.· You’ll find those same antioxidants in Vita Guard with its fruit and vegetable base carefully chosen to provide the best antioxidant nutrients, and then processed with utmost care to leave the nutrients in their most effective form for your child’s body.


Vita guard antioxidant supplement will provide your kids with most of the nutrients they need to grow well and stay healthy.  Combine this supplement with a healthy diet (see our Healthy Diet Profile) for utmost effect.


Adults who can’t swallow supplements


What does Vita Guard contain?

  • GNLD’s exclusive Carotenoid blend – carrot extract, apricot, peach, strawberry and tomato concentrates.
  • GNLD’s exclusive Flavonoid blend – extracts of cranberry, green tea and mixed berry, lemon bioflavonoid complex and orange concentrate.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Naturally occurring fruit essence flavouring.
  • No animal derived ingredients
  • Fructose and fruit juice (grape, orange and apple)


Specific nutrients provided:

  • Carotenoid Blend

150mg providing 2500iu Vitamin A

  • Flavonoid Blend


  • Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)····


  • Vitamin C


  • Zinc


  • Selenium (yeast)










What dosage does your child need?

  • Babies under 1: · ··
½ – 1 a day
  • Kids age 1-3:
1-2 a day
  • Kids age 3-12:
2 a day






Is Vita Guard easy to give to your child?

Most kids will love the chewable tablet – it tastes like fruit concentrate. Other kids need a gradual introduction to Vita Guard – see our tips below. ·Even if your child initially rejects the taste, please persevere with a slower, gradual introduction until they get used to it – the results are worth it!


Some tips for giving vita guard to your child:

  • Give with a meal (breakfast or lunch) for best nutrient absorption.
  • When your child drinks from a bottle, add powder or liquid to cold or lukewarm milk  (don’t microwave!)
  • When your child can chew the tablet: give the tablet before a meal while they are hungry. If necessary for toddlers and preschoolers, break into pieces and hand child one piece at a time, watching to make sure it goes down.
  • When your child doesn’t like it, introduce graduallyGradually work up to the full dose as they get used to it.Crush or dissolve the tablets and mix a small amount of the powder or liquid with a little food or drink that your child likes.·Choose a flavour that combines well with the strong fruity taste. (Milk, nutrishake, breakfast cereal or porridge (once cool), fruit puree, yoghurt, smoothie)Mix into a small amount of the food or drink so your child finishes it easily.Initially add just enough to change the taste only slightly, then increase the dose over a period of  days or weeks, depending on your child’s resistance level.  It can take 21 times before they accept it, in tough cases.
  • It’s Chewable, Crushable and Dissolvable
    • Crush: Vita Guard crushes easily in a mortar and pestle.
    • Dissolve and give via syringe or medicine dropper:
      1. Soak in a small amount of lukewarm water or milk for a few hours. (5-10ml per tablet)
      2. Use this method only if you can’t use the powder.· The extended exposure to air will lower the potency of the supplement. To limit this, keep in a SEALED container until use to limit exposure to air.