GNLD Vita Squares

Chewable Multivitamin for Kids

GNLD Vita Squares is a chewable multivitamin supplement for kids with a wide base of nutrients as well as GNLD’s wholegrain oil to ensure that your child absorbs their nutrients all the way into their cells.  Vita Squares stimulate optimal growth and development.  No artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives.


Why do we recommend Vita Squares for your child?

Vita Squares works. Due to the wide nutrient base and Tre-en-en (see below), Vita Squares will assist your child grow and develop to their best potential.


Vita Squares contains Tre-en-en for optimal Cellular Nutrition. Tre-en-en is a proprietary blend of whole grain oils that is proven to improve cellular absorption of nutrients.  The particular nutrients it provides are known as phytosterols (plant sterols) and some omega fatty acids.  When tre-en-en was added to the food that mice ate, they grew at a rate of almost 50% better than the control group who were only fed their normal food**.  Tre-en-en also stabilises hormone production – vital as hormones control the body’s rhythms and processes, right from earliest childhood.

**Note that the study mentioned took great care to ensure that the mice were comfortable and treated normally in every way except one – they were fed tre-en-en that had already been established to be safe for their consumption.  As a rule, GNLD does not test on animals, except in situations where the animals are not harmed in any way.


The nutrients in Vita Squares are extracted from whole food.  So your child’s body will recognise and use the nutrients in Vita Squares as well or even better than in their food.  Its as safe as food, just in tablet form.


Kids like Vita Squares.  Vita Squares are chewable and sweetened with fruit concentrates and fructose.  No need to compromise and allow harmful ingredients so your kids will like it – there are no artificial colours or flavours.


Vita Squares provides chelated iron.  A little of this iron is so absorbable that it goes far without causing digestive discomfort.  We’re talking approximately 80% absorption from this iron, compared with a usual rate of 4 – 25% absorption, depending on the iron supplement.  That’s huge.


We trust the manufacturer. 
GNLD (Golden Neolife Diamite) has a reliable reputation for supplement manufacture and groundbreaking scientific research (see more about GNLD on their website (opens new window)).


Who needs Vita Squares?

Children 6 months – 12 years

Chances are your child doesn’t get the huge variation and quantity of nutrients they need from their food.  Maybe they’re a picky eater, or maybe your family just doesn’t eat the level of healthy diet necessary to deliver all those nutrients. Especially in today’s world, so much extra environmental stress on our immune systems increases our protective nutrient requirement significantly. 


And its so important – enough nourishment during this intense growth phase gives your child the opportunity to develop to their full potential – physically and mentally.  The good nutrition they take in now will determine in part what their health will be like as an adult, even when they are a granny or grandpa!  Vita Squares vitamins will provide your kids with most of the nutrients they need to grow well and stay healthy – particularly when combined with a healthy diet (see our Healthy Diet Profile) for utmost effect.


Adults who can’t swallow supplements

The wide base of nutrients in Vita Squares are good for adults too – although GNLD does make an adult range…


What does Vita Guard contain?

  • Grain Concentrates from rice, soya and wheat (GNLD’s specially formulated Tre-en-en grain concentrates)
  • Fructose and fruit juice (grape, orange and apple)
  • No artificial colours or preservatives, naturally occurring fruit essence flavouring.


Specific nutrients provided:

  • Vitamin A


  • Vitamin D


  • Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)····


  • Vitamin C


  • Vitamin B1


  • Vitamin B2


  • Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide)


  • Vitamin B6


  • Folic Acid


  • Vitamin B12


  • Biotin


  • Pantothenic Acid


  • Iron


  • Iodine


  • Zinc


  • Copper


  • Manganese


  • Chromium (yeast)


  • Choline


  • Inositol


  • Stabilised TRE EN EN grains



























What dosage does your child need?

  • Babies under 1: · ··
½ – 1 a day
  • Kids age 1:
1 a day
  • Kids age 2:
2 a day
  • Kids age 3-12:
3 a day







Is Vita Squares easy to give to your child?

Most kids will love the chewable tablet – it tastes like a chewable fruit sweet. Other kids need a gradual introduction to Vita Squares – see our tips below. ·Don’t be discouraged.  Every child will have it eventually if you persevere, so just go with a slower, gradual introduction until they get used to it – the results are worth it!


Some tips for giving vita squares to your child:

  • Give with a meal (breakfast or lunch) for best nutrient absorption.
  • When your child drinks from a bottle, add powder or liquid to cold or lukewarm milk  (don’t microwave!)
  • When your child can chew the tablet: give the tablet before a meal while they are hungry. If necessary for toddlers and preschoolers, break into pieces and hand child one piece at a time, watching to make sure it goes down.
  • When your child doesn’t like it, introduce graduallyGradually work up to the full dose as they get used to it.Crush or dissolve the tablets and mix a small amount of the powder or liquid with a little food or drink that your child likes.·Choose a flavour that combines well with the strong fruity taste. (Milk, nutrishake, breakfast cereal or porridge (once cool), fruit puree, yoghurt, smoothie)Mix into a small amount of the food or drink so your child finishes it easily.Initially add just enough to change the taste only slightly, then increase the dose over a period of  days or weeks, depending on your child’s resistance level.  It can take 21 times before they accept it, in tough cases.
  • It’s Chewable, Crushable and Dissolvable
    • Crush: Vita Guard crushes easily in a mortar and pestle.
    • Dissolve and give via syringe or medicine dropper:
      1. Soak in a small amount of lukewarm water or milk for a few hours. (5-10ml per tablet)
      2. Use this method only if you can’t use the powder.· The extended exposure to air will lower the potency of the supplement. To limit this, keep in a SEALED container until use to limit exposure to air.

What does it cost?

R208 per bottle (2 months’ supply for age 3-12, longer for younger children)

To order, please contact Tanya Furniss at / 071 688 7326