Healthy Lunch boxes (Workshop)

Healthy lunch boxes workshop

Our Lunch box Workshop has been a hit with all parents who have attended.  Let our fun, interactive workshop teach you how to make those lunch boxes attractive, immune-boosting and … eagerly eaten!


Come have some fun, learn how to

put a healthy lunch box together

for your kiddies

You get the knowledge and practical examples to simply copy.



Our previous workshop was: 
- Date: 3 May 2014, 9 – 11 am  
- Venue: Bryanston, Gauteng  
- Cost: R150
- Childminder available  
(please specify on booking)

Next workshop in September 2014 – date TBC
- Spaces limited.. Booking essential  To reserve your seat contactTanya Furniss

071 688 7326

We make it fun 

Our attendees think this workshop is fun, personal and very good value.  Here’s what Avril Helfer said:

“In the spring of 2013 I attended the ‘Healthy-kids’ summer lunch box workshop.  It was a lovely morning and I was greeted with a relaxed home environment, friendly smiles and delicious healthy snacks.

It is quite evident that both Tracy and Tanya are passionate about healthy families, healthy children and the means to achieve this.  Tracy really set my mind at ease as she explained the many hours of pain-staking research she as a nutritionist has invested in finding the best vitamins and the best foods to ‘invest’ in.

The healthy lunch box ‘principles’ presented at the workshop were very practical… something that any average Jo (or should I say average Jolene) could follow – it is not rocket science, just good common sense (or perhaps not so common at times) i.e.  in each snack or lunch box make sure that you have included veggies/fruit, starch and protein.  I was impressed with the ‘sample boxes’ that Tanya and Tracy had put together and each of the ladies attending took home at least one sample box.

The morning was filled with lovely ideas of what to include in your children’s snack or lunch boxes, and all these ideas were beautifully put together in a little booklet (which stays in my kitchen for easy access). The ladies went beyond lunch box talk and shared general healthier alternatives to things we use on a daily basis such as detergents, cooking oils etc.

 It was a most informative, pleasant and practical morning that I would highly recommend to any mom (or dad)!”


Other compliments from our attendees:

  • Ndozi Nyimo, February 2014: “The workshop was great.  It’s always good knowing that you are not the only mom going through ‘food’ challenges.  It was also very creative and I’m taking with me a lot of very very good ideas.  Keep up the good work!!”
  • Carol Gravette, February 2014: “Nice practical ideas, not pie in the sky stuff.  Was very informative”
  • Avril Owens, February 2014: “Workshop was enjoyable, easy concepts and factual information to absorb.  The ideas were great and I will most definitely use them.  The informal approach was great.  I will definitely come to the next workshop.”
  • Praxedis Hwindingwi, mom of three, August 2013: “I found the workshop nothing else but 100% empowering! It was stuff that I could do!! Didn’t have to be the last chef standing! lol! Please see the lunch boxes I prepared last night. When I showed the boys this morning, you have seen their faces!! So exciting, now I wait to see those boxes after school! Many many thanks!” (PS, Prax did report back that ALL the lunch was eaten – well done Prax)
  • Colette Horter, mom of two, August 2013: Colette has made some wonderful in-roads to changing what her son eats for lunch at pre-school. She took all the advice from the Lunch box Workshop and made nutritious lunch boxes the whole week. (PS, 5 weeks later, she was still going strong!) This is what Colette said: “Matthew absolutely loves his new fun, yummy and healthy lunches! He’s been raving about them to everyone! Like a lot of moms out there, time is always a big issue and having to think about what to put in lunchboxes has always been a bit of a thing. Thanks so much for a great workshop Healthy-kids, you’ve given me the knowledge and ideas to really turn the lunchbox saga into a pleasure!”