Immune Boosting Products (Kids 2-12)

Children in this age group grow at an alarming rate, physically, mentally and emotionally.  This growth demands high nutritional support, and yet this is the time when they are likely to eat the worst of all.

Nutrient deficiencies often show up in something related to the immune system: recurring infections, allergies, asthma and eczema Even tiredness, lack of concentration and small appetite play a role here…

Targeted immune-boosting is a must, and if you have a plan you are much more likely to get it right over the long term. 

Our immune system booster products include high quality supplements to help you close the gap and an easy-to-use Programme to help you build your kiddie’s diet into a powerful immune-builder that is sustainable over the long term.

We choose our supplements because they provide effective nutrients safely and are easy to give – even to a fussy child. They provide you with solid nutrients that allow you a little room to move in your child’s diet.


The Healthy-kids 8 Week Immune Booster Programme…

…will show you how to improve your kiddie’s health with diet and supplements.

 This easy-to-use Programme will get your kids eating nutrient-rich food with practical, effective and simple changes to their diet, supporting you with easy-to-use supplements and recipes that are fun.

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GNLD Vita Guard


This chewable children’s antioxidant supplement offers a wide spectrum of immune-boosting nutrients in an effective, bio-available formulation.

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