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GNLD Vita Guard

GNLD Vita Guard is a broad spectrum antioxidant supplement in chewable form for children.  No artificial flavours and colourings and extracted from organically grown fruits and vegetables. We have found it very effective in providing children with the antioxidant nutrients they need to become and stay healthy.

Picky eaters – start their taste journey now!

Is your child a picky eater?  Nearly every child is to some degree, but some are much worse than others!  You can still change their diet of the worst picky eater if you change your perspective just a little …  Try these 4 tips to get your journey started.

The cons of allergy meds

Weigh up the long term when deciding on allergy treatment

Conventional treatments and remedies for allergic rhinitis (hayfever) and sinusitis are great in the short term, but have a significant downside when you look further ahead.

Proactive Allergy Management?

If you’re concerned that your family’s allergies are “just the way you are made”, then you may want to think again.  The prayer of St Francis of Assisi may fit right in with your family’s allergies: “Lord, give me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can’t – and the wisdom to know the difference!”

Nutrition – your allergy wild card

Even if allergies run in your family, they will only rear their heads when your child’s immune system reaches the point where it can’t work properly any more. This typically happens when an immune system reaches exhaustion point

Antibiotics? Take probiotics

If you’ve had antibiotics lately, the right probiotic supplement can help you fix your side effects.  A probiotic will counter your antibiotic’s negative effects – if taken during and after the course of antibiotics, in high enough doses with the right bacteria strains.

7 tips to get your family eating healthier

Do you want a healthy family?  A healthy family eats a lot of fresh, whole food every day. Start now to invest in your health, and remember that every small change you make that sticks can make a huge difference over time.


Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Our Healthy-Kids principles provide simple visual guidelines you can use at a glance to help you get the right healthy food to grow a strong, well developed baby while you prevent pregnancy complications.

These guidelines may, in fact, seem overly simple when you consider the wealth of advice available for your diet while pregnant.  There is a lot of conflicting information on what’s healthy, so how do you know what’s right for you at such a special time? 

Growing pains

Not all growing pains are ‘idiopathic’ (without obvious cause).  Some growing pains can be traced directly to a lack of Magnesium, and if so, the problem is simple to fix. This article tells you how to do this…

Immune-related problems

Many common complaints that affect our children can be much better, if not completely fixed, when you eat a diet that focuses on immune-boosting.  Our diet and lifestyle affects more of your child’s health than you might think!