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Website in progress…

A few weeks ago, our healthy-kids website was hacked, with some unsavoury scripts causing a fair amount of havoc. We made the decision to rewrite the site in WordPress and are busy re-launching a new, clean version that you will find easy to go through.

Please hang in there while we re-publish our articles about

  • Allergy management, eczema and asthma
  • Immune system boosting
  • Sensory and concentration problems
  • Healthy food choices

and much more!

In the next short while we will also focus on bringing you an updated online shop where you can buy exciting products to help you keep your kids healthy and achieve a healthy lifestyle for your family.

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All the best, Tracy and Tanya

Healthy Diet Profile

Our Healthy-Kids principles provide simple visual guidelines you can use at a glance to help you keep a consistent check on your family’s diet. It’s a practical way to keep their diets healthier at home, at school, and even while you are out and about.