Picky eaters – start their taste journey now!

Is your child a picky eater?  Nearly every child is to some degree, but some are much worse than others!  You can still change their diet of the worst picky eater if you change your perspective just a little …  Try these 4 tips to get your journey started.

  1. Challenge them continuously so it becomes a habit to try things they don’t like

    If your child doesn’t eat veggies, to make a lifelong change for the better, you must find a way to train them to eat veggies willingly.  So don’t hide all their veggies. Rather challenge your child progressively with more and more veggie options.  While you do this, Remember that like all worthwhile things, you can expect this training to take a while, but the effort is well worth it. 1 pea could be the start of a new tasty journey!

    It’s a well documented fact that some kids need be exposed to a food up to 21 times before they accept it, so keep trying … Keep offering tiny amounts of different veggies while cycling through them in a natural fashion – and don‘t.give.up.

  2. Make a family habit of finishing your food

    Create a family habit of taking small portions and then finishing the food on your plate.  Don’t overwhelm your child.  Their tummy is only as big as their fist, so let this be your guide.  Make those portions laughably tiny so they find it easy to accomplish when you ask them to finish it.  They can always ask for seconds if they are hungry.

  3. Stand your ground so they can’t get round you

    Be careful to never offer an alternative if they won’t eat that one.  Your child must know that they can’t hold out on you and get a more acceptable option, otherwise they will definitely use their trump card.  Remember, mom or dad knows better, and kids will do what they think you expect them too.  So if your body language and tone show that you will give up easily, they will exploit that with no conscience at all.

    Keep this inspirational phrase handy! “Eat it because I am the mommy (daddy) and I know what’s good for you”. Even if they don’t like it, you might enjoy saying it…

  4. “Stealth mode” is a solid backup plan

    For the times when you just can’t face the battle, or want to bump up their veggie dose while they ‘train up’, go right ahead and use stealth mode – “hide” veggies into baking, saucy/meaty meals (e.g bolognaise) and gravies.

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